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First thoughts as a developer
New network with a lot of potential to be a part of something big in the early stages. Much like the launch of G+, there are a lot of fundamental pieces of the puzzle missing (people discovery, content discovery, general usage methods). Budding developers could really benefit poking around and filling some holes for the masses.

First thoughts as a photographer
Content first design allows for your photos to really stand out. Those that love colour, your photos will pop with the minimal black/white interface. For the black and white photographers out there your photos will look like they were made to be there, matching the contrast of the site.

First thoughts as a social media analyst
This network has huge potential in the long run as long as they keep up with this momentum. People are tired of feeling used and badgered as far as privacy and control over their own content is concerned. With a promise of no ads and no selling of data it feels much more homely. As far as user paid features, this is mostly unexplored territory at this scale for a social network. We are used to in app purchases on mobile though so perhaps it is time for it on more of our long term sites/apps.

Blah Blah Blah give me an invite

Whilst I do have a few of my own, I managed to come across this list and there were plenty working. Get them while they're hot.

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Ello | djtidau
Ello is a beautiful, simple, and ad-free social network. The Ello interface supports posting and private messaging. Ello allows users to share images, video, text, and sound files in an elegant environment that makes it fast and easy to read, post, and search content submitted by friends. Ello does not mine user data and there are no advertisements. Clutter management tools help users filter noise and minimize unwanted content while helping users…